Web Development: You're Doing it Wrong

Stefan Tilkov
Uploaded by RheinJUG at 6/17/2013 - recorded at 6/13/2013


Stefan Tilkov


Even without any sort of programming framework with lots of abstraction layers and fancy tooling, the Web platform is one of the most powerful environments for distributed and collaborative systems. If, that is, we actually /use/ it instead of continuously /abusing/ it through trying to turn it into something it's not. In this session, we'll challenge many commonly-held assumptions about how to best develop web applications. Even though we'll briefly touch the REST architectural style, most of the time will be spent discussing the strengths and ideal roles for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and their connection to the Web's core standards, HTTP and URIs. We'll see how a focus on simplicity and moderate use of technologies can lead to great applications that integrate well, scale well, are fun to develop, and are maintainable in the long run. Stefan Tilkov ist Geschäftsführer und Principal Consultant bei der innoQ Deutschland und beschäftigt sich dort mit leichtgewichtigen Ansätzen für Entwicklung und Architektur von Systemen. In den letzten Jahren liegt sein Fokus auf dem sinnvollen Einsatz von Web-Technologien für Anwendungen und Anwendungsintegration.





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